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Our purpose at Kiddie Korner is to offer daily, 3-Star-quality care. We are here to give your child a safe, fun, and Christian learning environment. We allow your child to learn through a carefully planned, but equally fun, learning curriculum. We strive to help promote self-awareness, self-help, and a strong foundation of Christian beliefs and learning for young children. In addition, we also seek to enhance the basic fundamentals needed for Kindergarten, while feeling safe in a nurturing environment that meets all cognitive, physical, and emotional needs.


Kiddie Korner: Maryville is now open! Contact us at 865-681-6655 for availability and watch our ribbon cutting and blessing.

Rockwood Clubhouse is now open and accepting school age children! Contact Kiddie Korner: Rockwood at 865-354-1955 for availability.

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