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KKDC: Athens

Kiddie Korner Daycare: Athens is the second of our 9 child care facilities. The daycare was established in 2011 and has been happily serving McMinn County since. Our Athens site consists of a large facility with plenty of room to learn, grow, and play in safe indoor and outdoor areas. 


Children are given breakfast, a hot lunch, and snacks each day. All classrooms in our 3 Star facility use a faith-based curriculum, follow Tennessee Early Education Standards, and have CDA certified lead teachers. As well, all staff are TECTA certified, with childcare-driven goals and aspirations. In the Summer we offer Children Around the World class and Personal Safety class (ages 3+).

Our building has locking, passcode doors to enter, and has a clock in and out station for parents dropping off or picking up their children. Also, multiple times a year we have a photographer come to take pictures of the children, with an option for you to buy.

We accept infants as young as 6 weeks old and teach them sign language. Parents are welcome to come and feed their babies during the day, with mothers being more than welcome to come and breastfeed. The staff offer tummy time and hold each baby to feed them when parents are away. The state of Tennessee requires that we set a timer and check each baby every 15 minutes for SIDS, but we check them every 10 minutes to ensure maximum safety.


At age one we begin our Christian-based curricula, High Reach and Pinnacle. While at age two we begin potty training. The curricula then changes at age three, when we begin Scholastic, Leap Into Literacy, and Saxon Math curricula. This combination curriculum lasts through preschool.

During Pre-K, we use an accelerated version of our 3-5 year old curricula, in addition to basic skills to know for Kindergarten. Pre-K is more structured and scheduled, but it helps to train your children for entering elementary school. At the end of the school year, we offer a Preschool Graduation. This comes complete with gowns, a ceremony, and presentation of KKDC diplomas.

Our school age program is geared for Kindergarten through 13 years old. Children in the school age program receive breakfast and an afternoon snack (lunch in the Summer), while playing outside, doing daily Christian devotionals, and working on homework. In the summertime, we offer Personal Safety and Children Around the World.

Contact us at 423-453-5445 for prices!

The Douglas Cherokee Certificate Program is designed to help families get childcare that they otherwise may not be able to access.

There are three options in the program.

1. Families First pays for approximately 75% of applicants.

2. Transitional pays for approximately 50% of applicants.

3. Smart Steps pays for approximately 30% of applicants.

We offer a discount to teachers, law enforcement, and active military families.

There is a 3% processing fee for debit and credit card transactions.


Director - Jessica Baker

Co-Director - Bri Garrett

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